JBI is a well-established consulting firm that works closely with government agencies to optimize their federal funding streams. With almost three decades of experience, we offer customized full-service solutions which leverage our extensive connections, state-of-the-art technology, and deep expertise in the field.


JBI has built a strong reputation and extensive network of clients at the state and local levels across the nation. Our close collaboration with clients allows us to navigate the complex process of federal government reimbursement with success. At the core of JBI is our commitment to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. We are driven by seeing how the solutions we provide have a direct impact on people just like us, their families, and community health.

    • Since 1997
    • Nationwide Clients
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    • Well-Connected
    • Presence in Washington D.C.
    • Proprietary Software
    • Time Study Solutions
    • Customized Programs
    • Claiming Methodology
    • Advanced Data Analysis


JBI’s technology solutions are designed to prioritize efficiency, revenue generation, and compliance, driven by our clients’ real-time needs. We prioritize data accuracy and employ multi-level quality assurance measures to eliminate any uncertainties surrounding compliance. Together, we can optimize your processes and confidently navigate the complexities of State and Federal compliance.


Year after year, JBI continues to be the trusted source of expertise for our clients. Our exceptionally skilled teams blend industry experience, state-of-the-art technology, and specialized knowledge to provide tailored solutions that optimize outcomes for our clients. We remain at the forefront, continuously updating our education and training on federal funding programs. JBI’s unwavering commitment is to make a meaningful impact and deliver value not only to our clients but also to the communities they serve.

    • Strategic Planning
    • Entitlement Programs
    • Opportunity Development
    • Program Education
    • Government Affairs


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